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Norse city fingerboard competition


One of the competitors during his run

On Sunday, April 14th, Norse City saw quite a crowd in the building. There was approximately 25 people in attendance and we want to thank everyone who was there, for coming! Kevin has been hard at work creating a safe place for people of all walks of life to hang out. Over the last few months he has created a fingerboard park that is now a part of Norse City. With half pipes, quarter pipes, rails and more there's plenty to keep you occupied.


With the entry fee of $5, as well as a jar located on the front counter for donations. The money raised is going toward the new Poulsbo skate park. Rumored to be located where the current Public works building is once it is demolished.

With such a successful event we are hoping to put on more over the coming months. They will be announced on both the website as well as our social media pages when we have dates for the upcoming events!

As always, skate on.


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