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Skate jam 2018

The Three Winners of the 2018 Skate Jam
The Three Winners of the 2018 Skate Jam

On August 12th 2018, Kingston saw yet another Skate Jam. Sponsored this year by Norse City Boardroom, Viking Brew Coffee, Unity Skate Shop and Sluys Bakery.


The Event

There were quite a number of people present this year. With this event gaining ground every year this year saw an attendance of 75-100 people at peak. With numerous events a lively crowd it was quite the atmosphere. The main event consisted of timed trick sessions for qualifying skaters which the winners were then given prizes provided by Kevin at Norse City Boardroom. We hope to see a even bigger attendance this next year with more prizes as well. For everyone that was there we thank you and hope you enjoyed your time

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